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The 2007 ANZSEE Conference " Re-inventing Sustainability: A climate for change" 3-6 July 2007
Draft Program for ANZSEE conference and related events

Tuesday 3 July 2007 - Masterclasses in the Science of Sustainability
9.15 am Masterclass welcome    
9.30 am Masterclass - morning session Dr Heinz Schandl Social Metabolism and Social Change
    Bernie Napp Media Savvy Communication - being an effective voice for sustainability
    Dr John Ward Experimental Economics (all day)
12.30 Lunch    
2 pm Masterclass - afternoon session Prof Clive Spash Environmental Values and Attitudes
    Dr Wendy Proctor Motivating Change - practical use of MBIs and other policy tools
    Dr John Ward Experimental Economics (all day)
5 pm End of day    
6 pm Welcoming Reception - Cocktail style  
Wednesday 4 July 2007 - ANZSEE Conference Day 1
8.45 am Plenary 1 - Conference Welcome  
9.30 Contributed Papers - Session A
09.30 CP A1
10 am    
10.00 CP A2
10.30 Break    
11 am Plenary 2 Prof John Dryzek Democracy and sustainability
    Dr Mark Stafford Smith Weaving together desert knowledges for resilient dryland communities
12.30 Lunch and ANZSEE AGM    
1 pm ANZSEE AGM    
2 pm Contributed Papers - Session B 09.30 CP B1
      10.00 CP B2
3 pm Break    
3.30 Plenary 3 John Gowdy Behavioural economics - insights for sustainability
  Contributed Papers - Session C 03.30 CP C1
      05.00 CP C2
      05.30 CP C3
6 pm Pre-dinner Drinks    
7.15 Conference Dinner    
Thursday 5 July 2007 - ANZSEE Conference Day 2
8.30 Contributed Papers - Session D 08.30 CP D1
      09.00 CP D2
      09.30 CP D3
10 am Break    
11 am Plenary 4 - Reinventing Sustainability Prof Leith Boully, Dr Richard Denniss, Prof John Dryzek, Prof John Gowdy, Dr Steve Hatfield-Dodds, Dr Mark Stafford Smith
12.45 Lunch    
2 pm Contributed Papers - Session E 02.00 CP E1
      02.30 CP E2
3 pm Break + 'hot topic' breakouts    
4 pm Plenary 5 - Conference awards and close Dr Steve Hatfield-Dodds
5.30 End of day    
Friday 6 July 2007 - Policy Workshop on Climate Change
8.30 Introduction and Welcome to the Day
9 am Climate futures and social choices Mike Raupach The outlook for climate change and climate science
    Ben Preston What do we know about the impacts of climate change?
    Clive Spash The ecological economics of climate change
11 am Break    
11.30 International dimensions Howard Bamsey The Power of One and a Half - Australia's role in developing an effective global response to climate change
12.10 Lunch    
12.50 Business Perspectives Lynette Thorstensen Climate change and the insurance sector going forward - A perpective from IAG.
    Rick Humpries Climate change and the international minerals and energy sector going forward - A perspective from Rio Tinto Aluminium
2.20 Break    
2.40 Contributing to good policy outcomes Dr Steve Hatfield-Dodds The role of science and scientists in adaptive governance
    John Gowdy Insights from behavioural economics
    Barry Sterland The contributions of different economic perspectives
4.30 Discussion    
4.45 Close of workshop and conference

The conference program has 3 sections:

  1. Tuesday 3 July - Master Classes : The Science of Sustainability
  2. Wednesday 4 July and Thursday 5 July - Main Conference: Re-inventing Sustainability: A Climate for Change. Check here for the session times for presenters
  3. Friday 6 July : Policy Workshop